Disciplinary areas and proposals selected for funding in the 2014 HIP competition

Fundamental Research at the Bounds of our Universe and our Understanding

Proposal:         Fundamental Physics and Mathematics of the Universe

Award:             5* FTE (MPS)

                        [*4 HIP-funded FTE and 1 MPS-funded FTE were hired under this search]

Faculty hired: 

Tudor Dimofte (Mathematics)

Sergei Dubovsky (Physics)

Veronika Hubeny (Physics)

Mukund Rangamani (Physics)

Jaroslav Trnka (Physics)

Environmental Resilience in the Anthropocene

Proposal:         Strengthening the Environment at UC Davis

Award:             2 FTE (CAES)

Faculty hired: 

Frances Moore (Environmental Science and Policy) [start date July 2016]

Eric Post (Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology)  [start date July 2016]

Proposal:         Inland Waters Initiative

Award:             2 FTE (CAES, COE)

Faculty hired: 

Alexander Forrest (CENV) [start date March 2016]

Steven Sadro (ESP) [start date January 2016]

Proposal:         Tropical Conservation Scientists

Award:             2 FTE (CAES, DSS)

Faculty hired: 

Damien Caillaud (Anthropology)  [start date June 2016]

Daniel Karp    (WFCB) [start date January 2017]

Understanding and Addressing Poverty and Social Inequality

Proposal:         Solidifying a National Leadership Role in Poverty Research

Award:             4 FTE (DSS, SOM, CAES; TBD)

Faculty hired: 

Marianne Bitler (Economics)

Cam Hostinar (Psychology)

Exploring and Building in the Digital World: Digital Humanities and Industrial Design

Proposal:         Digital Humanities and Media Ecologies

Award:             4 FTE (HARCS)

Faculty hired: 

Patrick LeMieux (Cinema and Digital Media)

Kristopher Fallon (Cinema and Digital Media)

Proposal:         Industrial Design at UC Davis

Award:             2 FTE (HARCS)

Faculty hired:  Searches in progress

Human Genomics and Human Health

Proposal:         Advanced Translational Genome Center

Participants:    2 FTE (CBS, SOM)

Faculty hired: 

Gerald Quon (Genome Center; Molecular and Cellular Biology)

John McPherson (Cancer Center; Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine)

Proposal:         Neuroengineering and Medicine

Award:             3 FTE (COE [2], CBS)

Faculty hired:  Searches in progress