Faculty Hiring Investment Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hiring Investment Program

Q:  The call for proposals states “Since all faculty hired will be housed in one or more departments, it is essential that proposals provide evidence of departmental support and specifically identify the proposed faculty home department(s).”  Does this mean that searches can’t be done where the final departmental home is not known beforehand ?

A:  No. There would be no problem with a proposal where several departments jointly stated their support for a search in which the final home of the newly hired faculty member was not determined until the end of the search process.

Q:  Will deans be asked to rank the proposals coming from their school/college/division ?

A:  No.  Deans will be asked to provide a letter endorsing proposals put forward by their units, but will not be asked to rank order the proposals. 

Q: How should I submit my HIP proposal?

A: Please submit your proposal to provost@ucdavis.edu as a pdf or word document. It would be convenient (but is not essential) that you combine the proposal and any supporting letters into one attachment.

Q: To whom should letter of support for HIP proposals be addressed?

A: Letters of support might be addressed to either the provost or to the faculty member(s) submitting the proposal.